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SAS SMIB board can be used to build a jackpot and accounting system for your gambling saloon. SAS is an advanced accounting protocol developed by IGT. It allows many things to be done: reading meters, monitoring slot machine operations, setting / clearing credits, ticketing etc. The simpliest and the most important action is the remote meters reading - this allows you to see the current values of the IN, OUT, BET, WIN, GAME meters. Knowing this values many interesting application can be created, like jackpot and accounting.

This board meant to be installed in every gaming machine connected to the jackpot/accounting system. One port of the board (COM1) is connected to the SAS port of a machine's host board. The communication protocol used to exchange the data between the board and the host is a special kind of a serial protocol. The board uses an open collector type of input which allows 5V and 12V signal levels. Ethernet interface is used to connect the board to the server.


We have tested our board with the following gaming boards: SMIB User Manual

Boards come with SAS software. Custom development is possible.
YouTube videos:
SAS Ticket Validation / Redemption
Remote credit in (pulse bill acceptor emulation
SAS Bridge with Novomatic
SAS Bridge with IGT
SAS EFT on Novomatic
SAS Ethernet board with Novomatic
SAS Ethernet board with IGT
SAS Ethernet client board (setup and firmware update)
SAS SMIB with RFID reader and LCD

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