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CAN Device

CAN Device is a small board which can be used for various experiments with the CAN bus widely used in the modern cars. The main board's function is continious sending of the user defined messages.

CAN Device

Equipped with mini-USB connector it can be easily connected to a PC for configuration. Using CAN Editor utility up do 8 sending messages can be defined. For each message you can set ID, data length (0-8 bytes) and a pause after send. In the example below upon board startup first message with ID 5A0 and seven data bytes will be sent. After 10 ms second message with ID 200 and 8 data bytes will be sent. And after 25 ms it will send first message again and so on.

CAN Send Editor

Board can be programmed to start sending messages not immediately after startup but after some number of predefined messages have been received. In the example below it will start sending messages after receiving three messages with ID 125, two messages with ID 0F3 and one message with ID 1E0. Note that data bytes should also match the predefined values.

CAN Receive Editor

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