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Universal Protocol Converter

Universal protocol convertor board can convert one bill acceptor protocol to another. It's a small microprocessor driven board that sits in between bill validator and host board. Depending on the firmware loaded into it, board can handle various types of protocol conversion, for example, ID-003 (BDP) to ID-024, Smiley SSP to BDP, BDP to simple pulse for older machines. It helps to connect a bill acceptor to a gaming or vending machine even if they talks different languages (protocols).
Converter board Converter board ID022/ID023
Currently available conversion types (BV-HOST):
  1. ID-003 to ID-022
  2. ID-003 to ID-023
  3. ID-003 to ID-024 (Netplex)
  4. ID-003 to SSP
  5. ID-003 to ICT
  6. ID-003 to pulse
  7. ID-003 to GPT
  8. ID-003 to ID-003 (filter)
  9. SSP to ID-003
  10. SSP to ID-024 (Netplex)
  11. SSP to ICT
  12. SSP to pulse
  13. GPT to pulse
  14. GPT to ID-003
  15. pulse to ID-003
  16. pulse to ID-024
  17. EBDS to ID-003
  18. pulse to SAS EFT/AFT
  19. CCNET to MDB
  20. CCNET to ID003
ID-003 to ID-003 filter can be used to modify or override version string and bill table to avoid possible jurisdiction issues due to currency code or version mismatch.
ID-003 to pulse firmware can be configured (settings are stored in MCU's EEPROM) using special configuration utility:

UPC Config Utility

Other conversion schemes could be implemented, depending on your needs.
We have tested our board with the following equipment.
Bill acceptors: Gaming boards: Technical documents:
UPC V3.1 User Manual
UPC ID022/ID023 User Manual
ID-003 to ID-024
ID-003 to pulse
ID-003 to pulse (brief)
SSP to ID-003
NV9 bill table issue
Pulse to ID-003

ID-003 to pulse configuration utility
GPT to pulse configuration utility
Pulse to ID-003 configuration utility

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