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SAS Emulator Board

SAS Emulator board allows to connect older non-SAS gaming machines to existing SAS network for data collection and mystery jackpot purposes. Board connects to the mechanical meters outputs of a gaming machine. It detects every meter pulse and accumulates the values in onboard non-volatile memory chip. You can set initial meter values using a PC utility. Board has USB conenctor for this purpose. Six meters are supported: IN, OUT, BET, WIN, JACKPOT, GAME

Emulator board has a SAS port used to connect to external SAS SMIB. This way it emulates how SMIB is conencted to a real SAS compatible machine. Board's firmware supports subset of SAS 6.02 spec allowing reading machine's identification data and current meter values.

SAS Emulator Board

We have tested our board with the following gaming boards: SAS Emulator User Manual

YouTube videos:
SAS Emulator Board with CoolAir

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