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Bill Timer Board

This board can be used to add a time based operation mode to the slot machine. Effectively it can turn a gambling slot machine into an attraction machine (if no payouts are made). Board connects to a bill acceptor and monitors communication between a bill acceptor and a host computer. Once it detects accepted bill it increases the timeout by the value proportional to bill denomination. E.g. $1 bill will extend the play time by 60 seconds (can be set to any value) and $5 bill will extend the play time by 5 * 60 = 300 seconds. Once the timer expires (timeout value reaches 0) the board disconnects an onboard relay. Relay can be used to e.g. disconnect slot keyboard (ground or power circuit break). When the player inserts a new bill the timer value became non-zero and relay connects the circuit so game can continue. To reset the timer value special input pin is provided, it can be connected to the ground via button or lock. Board supports several bill acceptor protocols:

Bill timer board

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